International Network of Drug Consumption Rooms

"Research to prove that injecting inside drug consumption rooms is safer than injecting elsewhere, is like needing to prove that jumping from a plane with a parachute is safer than jumping without one."

Joan Colom I Faran in Viral Hepatitis in Europe, 2014

INDCR aims

The International Network of Drug Consumption Rooms is a platform where the latest information and scientific evidence can shared, experiences can be discussed, advocacy initiatives can be supported, and  the policies and field practices can be shared among professionals and organisations working in or around Drug Consumption Rooms.


What is a DCR

The majority of DCRs aim to reduce health problems caused by problematic drug use, improve access to social, therapeutic and health services for people who use drugs (PWUD). 


Sharing of best practices in the field of managing and maintaining a DCR from professional and user perspective. Assist in and contribute to evidence-based research, which is supporting the cause of DCRs.


Providing an overview on and access to existing literature in the field of harm reduction and DCR and therefore motivate the development of these resources.


Exchange knowledge and information. Being able to organize visits and on-site trainings (running a DCR, health prevention in a DCR, cost effectiveness). Providing a 'how-to' information around the implementation process of a new DCR by getting in touch with our experts.


INDCR Covid-19 statement (23 March 2020)

Dear readers

As other vulnerable communities, people who use drugs are at a high risk throughout this COVID-19 epidemic. On regular circumstance, the life of the drug user is already hard enough. During this period, it becomes extremely complicated: nobody on the streets to make money, dealers are seldom and fewer NGOs operate. People who use drugs experience vulnerability because of the physical proximity in the act of drug using/sharing/dealing. In addition, some chronically ill drug users deal with an impaired immune system that compromise their resistance to all sorts of virus (including the COVID-19).

The International Network of Drug Consumption Rooms (INDCR), ask policy makers and health authorities to use all of their immediate power and resource to protect people who use drugs by providing a pragmatic approach to this crisis:


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