International Network of Drug Consumption Rooms

as a setting to address HCV: current practice and future capacity


INDCR report2Authors: Vendula Belackova1 , Allison M. Salmon1 , Eberhard Schatz2 , Marianne Jauncey1

On behalf of the International Network of Drug Consumption Rooms

1 Uniting Sydney Medically Supervised Injecting Centre (MSIC), Sydney, Australia,
2 CORRELATION Network, Foundation De REGENBOOG GROEP, Amsterdam, the Netherlands


Drug consumption rooms (DCRs) and supervised injecting facilities (SIFs) target the most vulnerable people who use drugs (PWUD) – particularly people who use opioids, people who inject drugs (PWID), people who use drugs heavily  or high-risk drug users (HRDI) . While decreases in risky injecting behaviours are an outcome of DCR use, HCV prevention and treatment in these settings haven’t been adequately described. There are no international DCR standards for HCV practice and surveys are yet to address HCV prevention, treatment or sero-prevalence status of DCR clients. This online survey provides a ‘snapshot’ of DCR clients’ HCV status; approaches to HCV in DCRs, and what DCRs need to expand these services.



DCR involvement in HCV prevention and treatment is crucial. So what is their response and where are the needs?
Uniting, Sydney and INDCR/Correlation Network published new report.

The report - based on an online survey under DCRs/SIFs worldwide - describes the range of services currently offered, the existing approaches to HCV awareness, prevention and treatment and what the needs are to improve and extend services.



The Sydney based Uniting Medically Supervised Injection Centre prepared an exhaustive, easy to read overview of scientific & grey literature that would facilitate scholars and advocates working in this area:

Overview of International Literature – Supervised Injecting Facilities & Drug Consumption Rooms (Issue 1: Aug 2017)

The document includes evidence of SIF/DCR effectiveness in regard of attracting high risk drug users, managing overdose and decrease overdose-related mortality, enhancing safe injecting practice, decreasing public drug use and improve public amenity and more.






Drug Consumption Rooms in the world



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