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"We don't do this to get people out of drugs, We are happy when we do, but at first it is helping people in the situation they are in".

Ivan Christensen (manager of DCR Copenhagen)

Denmark has joined a handful of other countries worldwide in providing “fix rooms,” or drug consumption centers (DCR’s) where users are supervised when using. If the municipality wishes to establish a drug consumption room, the local Social Services Administration must apply to the Ministry of Health.

The Danish Parliament passed legislation in June 2012 that would allow municipalities to open these centers and Copenhagen launched the first one in October of that year. Two other Danish cities have since followed suit.

The DCRs must contribute to reducing mortality rates and improve the health conditions for the drug users and help in reducing public nuisance.

A second DCR was opened in Copenhagen and both centers now host 1,800 users who smoke and inject heroin and cocaine. Nurses witness up to 800 injections each day at the centers.

The multidisciplinary team of the DCRs contains: psychologists, social pedagogues, educators and nursing staff.


Take part in the new DCR survey


We would like to invite all drug consumption rooms to participate in an online survey of drug consumption rooms (DCR), on behalf of your organisation. You may remember we did a similar survey in 2014.

The aim of this new survey is to learn more about how your DCR operates, your clients and to examine the awareness and your needs in terms of HCV prevention and treatment.


Please go to:

The survey will take approximately 25 minutes.

Please answer before the end of December 2016

Results will be published on our website.




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