The International Network of Drug Consumption Rooms [INDCR] is a platform that brings together the knowledges and experiences of professionals in Europe since 2011. The network’s goal is to increase access and quality of drug consumption rooms, building on existing scientific evidence and the perspectives, experiences and knowledges of services providers and people who use drugs.

Image: H17 is a community house for people who use drugs in the Vesterbro district of Copenhagen. The facility has a capacity for 24 guests – 12 people who inject drugs, and 12 who smoke them – at any one time.


More specifically,
the INDCR aims to:


      • provide guidance, training and to foster mutual support among organizations operating or planning on opening a DCR
      • facilitate exchange between service providers, people who use drugs, and policy makers
      • contribute and support research to increase access and quality of DCRs
      • monitor current DCR developments and policies to support advocacy at local, national and European level.